Thinking about Buying a Home This Year? It’s as Easy as 1-2-3!


Is one of your goals this year to buy a new home? Well, then, don’t wait! The time to start planning and making decisions is right now! Here is a short list of things you can do to prepare.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


  1. Check your Finances.  The first step is always to confirm that you are in financial position to purchase and what you need to do to get into position.  Will your current home impact your ability to purchase? Do you need to sell it? Are you able to keep it and rent it out? How much money do you have available to invest in your new home e.g. deposit, closing costs, reserve funds, moving costs, etc.


  1. Give your Realtor the Heads Up!  Your agent will help get align the planets in the proper order.
    1. Define What you want to Purchase.  Are you looking to purchase new construction, downsize, purchase an investment property or second home? Your agent will start to identify property that meets your criteria.
    2. Find the Right Mortgage Lender and Get Preapproved.  Your agent should be able to recommend an excellent lender that will have loan products that coincide with what you want to achieve.  You may need VA or FHA financing solutions with no down payment, conventional products with different down payment options, construction to permanent financing or even rehab financing for a fixer upper.  


  1. Start Planning Your Move.  There’s always a lot to do when you’re going to make a move.  Not only is it a huge financial undertaking but it is also a major personal undertaking to prepare another home for sale and move to another residence with precision timing.  If you are planning to sell your current home, it’s recommended that you have it prepped and ready to list prior to moving forward with your home purchase activities.  If you are buying new construction, for example, builders often require you to get your home on the market almost immediately and will check in regularly on the status.  If it sells quickly, you may have to find a temporary residence until your house is completed.


There is quite a lot to do but with the right support in place you can get it all done and enjoy crossing the finish line to your new home purchase.  Whether you want to purchase in 2 months, 10 or even 15, there are ways to synchronize your time and actions to meet your goals! You can look forward to a successful process and finish.

Because you deserve more…